Voice Overs
I'm a versatile guy. Mine is a smooth baritone voice with distinctive tone, balance and delivery. I don't sound like every other typical announcer out there. Seriously.

I prefer soft to medium sell but can shout with the best of them if needed. I can do romantic, factual, friendly, sarcastic, wry & dry, mysterious, clueless et al. Mostly,
I do engaging. Conversational reads for radio, TV, narrations, e-books, message on hold, bumpers and the like.

I am unique....just like everyone else. ;-)
Voice Over Background
I am a 30-year V/O professional with thorough understanding of the creative process, agency/client protocols and production realities.

I began my professional voice career in radio,
in 1978. I spent 10 years off & on in the business in markets small, medium & large...including a stint doing rock radio morning drive in Detroit (WABX). At one point or another I was an air personality, Program and Music Director with duties in announcing, news, commercial production, copywriting, promotions and public service.

Most of my initial voice training came from my time in radio, which was pretty much a seat-of-the-pants kind of learning. As a broadcast producer of 20 years, I learned how to work with talent from the other side of the glass as well.
The Complete VO Package
For the past 20 years I have been an advertising writer, broadcast producer and voice talent at advertising agencies in Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI. I've concepted, written, voiced and produced literally hundreds of radio and TV spots, sales presentations and promotional videos (web & traditional).
     "The guy has pipes. Distictive. Resonant. Knows how to get it down.
   Of course, a lot of the time he wrote the scripts too. Really talented."
Roger Bliss
Owner, Producer
Image Mastering Inc.
My Home Studio
Of course, I'm perfectly happy to record voice overs at the audio studio of your choice.  But it's not neccessary. My home studio is quite fit for all voice and editing applications, and produces
air-quality audio. ISDN capabilities available.
As a writer, I know how to dial into an audience.

As a producer, I know how to work with talent and execute ideas.

As a voice talent, I know how to deliver the message.
Tim Perry Voice Over Demos
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.

Metaphors be with you.
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.