"Tim and I have worked together on several television commercials.
He's a talented, creative guy with a strong, unique vision for advertising
that works. And, he's fun to work with!"
Saint Mary's Health Care
This spot was created to launch Saint Mary's new state-of-the-science cancer care facility. Saint Mary's had always been known for compassionate care, but not advanced technological prowess. This launch marked the beginning of a campaign aimed at reshaping public perception from the “poor people’s ER” to an epicenter of cutting-edge technology. 
Part of a fullly loaded campaign including TV, radio, print, web, e-mail, internal promotion and public relations. I conceived and wrote it all.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
This video was created as a fundraising tool.  JDRF sponsors annual bicycle ride events to raise both funds and awareness. This video is aimed at promoting actual participation in the event. I worked with existing B-roll and rider interviews, matching narration to existing footage. I also wrote the call-to-action appeal that appears at the video's end.
Sales Promotion Video
Shepler's Mackinac
Island Ferry
For over 40 years, Shepler's concentrated on their core competancy - ferry service to Mackinac Island.  When they expanded to include lighthouse tours, Shepler's needed a promotional tool geared toward group tour coordinators & vendors. Working from existing footage and historic photos,
I concepted, researched, wrote and produced this piece, top to bottom.
I Have More!
Lots more. I've concepted, written and executed literally hundreds
of film and video productions. Should you wish to see my complete
dog & pony demo, drop me a line and I'll shoot you the package.

Phil Mastman
Director/Cameraman/Editor Sandlot Pictures
Film & Video: TV - Web - Non-Broadcast
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.

Metaphors be with you.
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.
Fundraising Video
The Company Jet
Headquartered out of Gerald R Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI, The Company Jet offers a fractional private jet ownership program. It has a compelling business model that competes vigorously against other regional carriers. This video was created for TCJ's website as a promotional tool.

I conceived, wrote and produced this piece.

TCJ does not allow embedding. Click here to view this video at
The Company Jet website.
Sales Promotion/Web Video
:30 TV Commercial