Creative Credentials

Stevens Advertising, Grand Rapids, MI
Senior writer/producer, campaign strategist, mentor, voice talent for regional full-service
B2C and B2B ad agency.
  • Creative catalyst behind agency’s rapid growth over an 8 year period. 
  • Created the new business pitch that landed Saint Mary’s Health Care as agency client.
  Launched Lack’s Cancer Center with full-featured broadcast campaign.
  • Lead-creative behind a 10-year succession of campaigns for Crystal Mountain Resort that
  ended with the “Best Resort in the Midwest,” as rated by SKI Magazine.
  • Northwestern Bank: conceived “We Can Do That!” campaign that doubled new deposits
  in its first year. Campaign is still active 10 years later.
  • National Heritage Academies:  created TV, radio, print and collateral campaign that
  helped NHA double its stable of schools in 3 years.

JW Messner Advertising, Grand Rapids, MI
Senior writer/producer, creative lead, voice talent, road-show presenter for regional
full-service automotive advertising agency.
  • Oversaw all Chevy Dealer Association creative for New England and eastern seaboard.
  • Traveled extensively as a creative trouble-shooter and presenter for dealer groups.
  • Created and produced over 70 TV spots (with companion radio & print) in 18 months.

Bozell Worldwide, Southfield, MI
Senior writer/producer, creative group head, voice talent, “go-to guy” for large,
national full-service ad agency.
  • Oversaw 6-person team as Creative Group Head. Responsible for $60MM in media billings.
  • Won 6 major creative shootouts in a row, competing against the work of 7 other teams.
  • Generated national creative for over $2.5 MM in production billings in 18 month period.
  • Won my first two Caddy advertising awards for radio dealer service campaigns.
  • Bozell Outstanding Creative Award – The Minivan Store national campaign.

At various times and stations; announcer, on-air personality, program director,
music director, news, copywriting, commercial production, promotions, public service.
  • WLHT-FM, Grand Rapids, MI   
  • WLTI-FM, Detroit, MI
  • WJNR-FM, Iron Mountain, MI
  • WWCK-FM, Flint
  • WABX-FM, Detroit, MI
  • WMJC-FM, Detroit, MI

Singer/songwriter, lyricist, acoustic guitarist
  • Co-founded Grand Rapids Songwriters Alliance, 2004 
  • Independent record label songwriting credits
  • Single-song publishing contracts
  • Over 100 completed songs, collaborations to date
  • Member, BMI
              "I worked with Tim on several large projects, and lots of other day to day stuff
             as well. I was always amazed how he could take a few thoughts, some concepts
             and bullet points - then turn it into compelling, flowing copy. Whether a complete
                       website or a short ad, even one liners, his work was great!"
Rebecca Dutcher
Account Executive
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.

Metaphors be with you.
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.