“Tim is a real talent in my book- a creative & gifted writer with a great voice
and delivery for audio or video projects. He was the writer and voice talent
for a television spot for Michigan Blood that highlighted our relationship with
Pure Michigan. He hit the perfect tone with his copy…connecting all the
pieces of this story into a 30 second commercial. And he didn't do it once,
he did it three times, because he gave us multiple concepts to pick from.
Great attitude, I really liked working with him.”                       
Tip of the iceberg
My 20 years of creative problem-solving has produced an enormous body of work.
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Jim Childress
VP Community Relations
Michigan Blood
Video & Film:  TV, Web, Non-Broadcast
I've concepted, written and created literally hundreds of visual media productions. I've worked on no-budget projects produced at local cable stations all the way to million dollar productions shot at far flung locations.
My first industry awards were won for radio campaigns, and I remain an active voice talent and broadcast producer. You'll find my Writer/Producer Reel here.
Print & Collateral
A staple of my copywriting career. Brochures and other collateral materials allowed me to craft my long-form abilities. Some of my best work ever.
Direct Mail
Postcards, dimensional mailers and traditional sales letters still get results if done smartly. Specialized demographic targeting tools have given this medium new life.
Content is King. I was in on this medium from the very start, both professionally and personally. It represents the biggest single piece of my freelance business. 
Often maligned and frequently abused, the best
e-mail marketing efforts now focus on providing a gateway to content. 
Press Releases
Whether delivered digitally or via traditional snail mail, press releases are still an effective, content-heavy method of gaining exposure. Consider them new-age advertorials.
This simple, low-tech medium will always be effective as long as people drive cars. I have always loved the creative challenge of distilling a sales or branding message into 7 words or so.
My Voice Over Demos
Smooth baritone pipes. A wide variety of delivery styles. A copywriter's/producer's inside knowledge of how to communicate a sales or branding message. All combine to make me uniquely qualified to voice your next audio production.
The Book on Tim Perry

In the end, "The Book" is what it's all about. But seeing how a copywriter approaches different challenges only provides a looking glass into the creative process, serving as an indicator of how they might approach your needs.  Don't expect to see ready-made solutions to your marketing issues here. Every product, service and market situation is different and calls for individualized, focused thinking.
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.

Metaphors be with you.
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.
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