"Tim Perry is the most creative writer I've ever worked with
                                in my 40-year advertising career."
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.
Agency writing is a different animal.  When I’m called upon to create copy for corporate clients, most assignments end up being ground-level executions of existing strategies. By the time it gets to me, the strategic heavy lifting has already been done. Agencies usually operate farther upstream, seeking to create and develop the strategies on which many of my corporate assignments are based. One initiates while the other executes. Agency writing demands a different creative skill set.
In an agency setting, writers become thought-leaders, using their creative instincts to prowl the universe for solutions to complex challenges. Corporate may know where it wants to go, but agencies show them how to get there.
Agency writing is unique.
Corporate writing tends to be detail driven and it becomes my job to flesh out content organization and create copy that supports an existing strategy. Agency writing often requires a broader view, and a mindset that relies as much on conceptual thinking as specific copy tactics.
It's a different game, and experience matters.

Metaphors be with you.
Ward Veldman
President (retired)
Stevens Advertising
Why I’m a great choice
to write for your agency
Big picture vs. details
G o o d    w o r d s.    L o t s   o f   t h e m.
Why I especially love
  • Proficient in the creation of effective strategic communications with the skills and passion needed to traverse a wide variety of media
  • Expertise in project planning, creative strategy, research, content development, writing for print, web and presentation
  • Able to contribute strategic and creative input to AEs, creative, project management, production, administrative and contract vendors
  • Creative, self-directed, organized and easy to work with
  • Problem-solver, able to produce high-quality work under time and budget limitations
  • Broad range of writing skills for strategic, creative and technical communications
  • Understanding of current trends and practices as technology, markets, practices and media evolve
  • Strong, active collaborator with account executives, team members and clients on strategy, concept development, project options and related details
  • Proficient in appropriate hardware and software platforms, web content management systems, databases and documents
  • Comfortable in a deadline-driven environment
  • Proven ability to identify, create, write and edit copy in a wide range of voices
  • Maintain strict confidence about all client projects
  • Mature, constructive leadership skills
  • Lots of positive energy.
Call to action:
(what, you didn't see that coming?!)
Ad agency writing requires a special skill set. Take advantage of my +20 years of agency experience and contact me to discuss your latest, greatest challenge.
  • I know how agencies work
  • I love the collaborative environment
  • I understand the mindset
This is where the most innovative marketing ideas are bred, born and raised.
There’s nothing like working with other talented creatives toward a common goal. Nothing against their corporate counterparts, but ad agencies feel like home to me.
working with
ad agencies
The creative process can be found anywhere
from small bricks & mortar retail shops to the staid halls of corporate America. But nowhere do big ideas take flight more often and more spectacularly than in an agency setting.
This is the environment where
I learned my creative chops.
I love the blend of off-the-grid personalities, perspectives and creative backgrounds that agencies tend to attract. There’s something about the pace, excitement and collaborative atmosphere that acts as a catalyst for my own efforts, even if I might not physically be in the building.